They came from farther stars than these...

An experimental rock trio based in South Florida, The Zoo Peculiar has carved a unique place for themselves in the American indie scene, combining underground rock vibes with the sounds of circus tent, saloon, and sideshow to create a sound that has been variously described as "circus music from outer space," "dark carnival disco pop," and "I'm not sure what is, but I like it . . . a lot." The Zoo Peculiar is known as much for their music as for their exuberant, vaudevillian live performances, which often incorporate elaborate balloon animals, carnival performers, and playful costumes. Their music has been compared to acts as diverse as Tom Waits, The Doors, Primus, and the music from Konami's Castlevania series, among others. Their most recent studio album Lo and Behold! is slated for release in February 2017, with a supporting spring/summer tour to follow in North America and beyond. They tour in a limousine that happens to also be a time machine.  

The Zoo Peculiar is:

Dr. Franklin Phineas Lambshanks (keys, vocals, veterinary)

Furious Rod (bass, melodica, legal)

R.J. "Baby Hollywood" Gatsby (percussion, two cents)

     The official feature-length video for       
           The Zoo Peculiar's newest single         
                "Beware the Box Fantastic"              
                    from their new album,                    
                            Lo and Behold! 

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